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Healthy Water Starts with Clean

We drink alkaline, ionized water for its healthy properties. Healthy water first has to be clean water, which means you should be concerned about what your water ionizer filters remove. Other ionized water filters do not handle a wide range of water contamination issues.

Our Independent EPA / NELAP certified lab testing shows UltraWater reduces virtually all contaminants up to 99.9% — even the toughest including arsenic, chromium VI, lead, VOCs and pharmaceuticals.

AlkaViva Water Ionizer Filters - USA Designed and Made

Other water ionizer filters are made Asia. The contaminant issues – and therefore filter design and capability - are different there. For example, there are no chloramines. So, the simple GAC used in Asian-made ionized water filters does not remove it. We have been designing and manufacturing our own water filters in Reno, Nevada since 2008. They are carefully formulated to work on the specific and broad-based water contamination issues found in USA supplies. We also offer the widest array of specialty filtration products to solve any unique challenge you may have.

Turbocharge your Filtration with UltraWater Filters

Like a turbocharger which amplifies combustion to create powerful performance, UltraWater uses the industry’s proven top-performing medias, adds a new media in a cutting-edge way, and then marries it all using a new approach to existing manufacturing techniques. The result isn’t just any water filter. It’s a proprietary filtration technology. It’s UltraWater - the most rigorously tested – and safest – water ionizer filter you can buy.