Live Your Healthiest

It is our firm view that hydration must take its place alongside nutrition as a foundation stone of holistic health, wellness creation and anti-aging medicine.

  • All water is not created equal
  • Clean water is not always healthy water
  • Drinking enough water is good; drinking the most hydrating water is better
  • Determining the most hydrating water is easy – if you know what to look for!
  • You can raise your Healthy Hydration IQ with these facts about hydration!
healthy water

Water carries nutrients into our cells and flushes metabolic waste out - UltraWater can help maintain healthy detoxification.

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Healthy Water 101:
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Provides Superior Hydration:

UltraWater has been demonstrated to hydrate more effectively than other waters.

Offers You Beneficial Minerals:

Purified water is stripped of the minerals nature intended, while the health benefits of alkaline water include being rich in beneficial alkaline minerals.

Has antioxidant potential:

UltraWater from AlkaViva water ionizers can contain more than twice the antioxidant potential as a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice.

Contaminant Free:

EPA certified laboratory results show a 99.9% removal of virtually all contaminants including heavy metals, VOCs, chlorine, chloramine, pharmaceuticals and fluoride.

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