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      Get your PhD in Electrodes!

Understanding electrodes is to water ionization what understanding the heart would be to health - everything!

We drink alkaline ionized water for the healthy properties. The water ionizer electrodes cause the ionization which is what delivers the benefits of alkaline water. The proprietary water ionizer electrode technology in AlkaViva alkaline ionized water machines set the industry standard.

* Proprietary Electroplating Technique Optimizes Ionization
* No Titanium Leaching
* Optimal Results Without the use of Corrosive Saline Additives

Electrodes 101 - Design and manufacturing

Learn about the progression in water ionizer electrode technology, electrode design and coating techniques. See actual photos that clearly show the AlkaViva advantage here.

Bigger is NOT Better

As electronics evolve they get smaller not larger. Marketing hype aside, in the alkaline water ionizer world, bigger is not better. See why bigger is NOT better for alkaline ionized water machines here.

Mesh versus Solid?

We offer a full range of alkaline ionizer water machines all employing the right electrode design for the power and price. From flat and mesh designs to the new technologically advanced SmartSwitch Solid Plate. Learn more about water ionizer plates here.

Plate Power

There's a common myth that bigger electrodes and more wattage results in more complete ionization and better alkaline water. The truth is that performance - creating alterations to water that can be measured as alkaline pH and negative ORP - is the direct result of how electrical power is applied to the electrodes. See a complete explanation here.


Each titanium electrode is electrically charged and robotically sprayed with multiple coats of platinum from different angles. This technically advanced, proprietary process was developed to assure optimal consistency, uniformity and performance and durability. The process results in superior platinum adhesion, conductivity, and leaves no exposed titanium as shown in laboratory tests.

Certified test results from the US Environmental Protection Agency Primacy Laboratory showing no leaching here

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