why Biostone filters are the best

Why AlkaViva Biostone Filters are the Best

Lets start with WHY other ionic water filters are NOT!

Now, WHY BioStone filters?

usa made filters All our BioStone filters are proudly made to the highest quality standards, right here in our facility in Reno, Nevada USA with AlkaViva pride! Water filter materials have been extensively tested for safety by government certified, independent laboratories. Our UltraWater test results show stunning reductions for 171 contaminants – it is the most thoroughly tested ionic water filter available.


biostone basicThe BioStone Basic ionic water filter uses solid compressed carbon block technology. It reduces chloramine - a disinfectant that GAC (granular carbon) won’t touch. The Basic ionic filter will out perform any GAC filter – regardless of micron rating – without channeling which saps performance. The Basic BioStone filter also offers you Scale Guard to protect your ionizer from hard water damage.


biostone plusThe BioStone Plus ionic water filter starts with the same compressed carbon block then adds "Plus Technology" by impregnating with specialty media to increase contaminant reduction. It helps removes more than the Basic ionic filter including chloramine, heavy metals and other tough contaminants. Containing Scale Guard protection, it will out perform any GAC filter – regardless of micron rating.


biostone alkavivaThe BioStone UltraWater ionic filter uses the BioStone Plus compressed carbon block but then turbocharges it with UltraWater Wrap technology ensuring unmatched reduction. Up to 99.9% of virtually all contaminants are removed from potable water, including chloramine, pharma, heavy metals and resilient contaminants like chromium IV and arsenic. Add Scale Guard protection and it out performs any other filter we know of. Clearly the best choice you can make in an ionic water filter. Period.