biostone filters for water ionizers


Why AlkaViva UltraWater™ or Biostone Filters are the Best

Lets start with WHY other ionic water filters are NOT!

  • Other brand water ionizers import their alkaline filters from Asia. They use low-cost Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) that channels water - meaning water creates distinct channels in the carbon bed. Filtration is not at all uniform and only a small part of the surface area is used, reducing performance.
  • Granulated Activated Carbon does not reduce most of the scary contaminants found in water today.
  • Some companies sell you on .01 micron filtration. What they don’t tell you that the hollow membrane fibers that allow the .01m rating ONLY effectively reduce biological contaminants. Hollow membrane fibers do not remove chlorine, chloramine, heavy metals or volatile organic chemicals etc.
  • Some companies offer test results that are woefully incomplete. While the results may look impressive they lack any protocols, such as flow rate etc that play a crucial role in performance. You could easily say smoke and mirrors.

Now, WHY UltraWater (BioStone) filters?

usa made water ionizer filters All our UltraWater or BioStone filters are proudly made to the highest quality standards, right here in our facility in Reno, Nevada USA with AlkaViva pride! Water filter materials have been extensively tested for safety by government certified, independent laboratories. Our UltraWater test results show stunning reductions for 171 contaminants – it is the most thoroughly tested ionic water filter available.

  • Carbon Block. All our alkaline filters – Basic, Plus and UltraWater - employ solid Carbon Block technology. Solid Carbon Block offers more surface area and therefore more contact time than GAC, meaning more protection for you.
  • Compression Technology. Our Carbon Block is compressed, not sintered or extruded. This provides better performance, greater stability and a longer life.
  • No Channeling. Carbon Block DOES NOT channel, meaning far superior performance.
  • No bacteria. Our filters are impregnated with silver to inhibit bacterial growth – common in most carbon filters.
  • Certified Testing. We have current, complete, transparent testing done by an independent EPA / NELAC certified labs. Our testing protocols are right there in our test documents and each one is certified. See AlkaViva's Filter Test Results >>> Here


biostone plusThe BioStone Plus ionic water filter starts with the same compressed carbon block then adds "Plus Technology" by impregnating with specialty media to increase contaminant reduction of our alkaline filters. It helps removes more than the Basic ionic filter including chloramine, heavy metals and other tough contaminants. Containing Scale Guard protection, it will out perform any GAC filter – regardless of micron rating.


biostone alkavivaThe UltraWater ionic filter uses the BioStone Plus compressed carbon block but then turbocharges it with UltraWater Wrap technology ensuring unmatched reduction. Up to 99.9% of virtually all contaminants are removed from potable water, including chloramine, pharma, heavy metals and resilient contaminants like chromium IV and arsenic. Add Scale Guard protection and it out performs any other filter we know of. Clearly the best choice you can make in an ionic water filter. Period.


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