alkaviva water ionizer dealer program

What makes the AlkaViva Dealer Program different?


For 14+ years the water professionals at AlkaViva have been pioneers in the world ionizer market. AlkaViva is the longest-term importer in the USA with dealers in over 30 countries worldwide. Virtually all our USA competitors started with us as dealers including Life IonizersTM, Tyent, and Chanson. We understand more about ionization and filtration technology in the USA market than anyone. AlkaViva offers industry-best filtration which is proudly USA-made in our Reno, NV headquarters. We are also the only company with an in-house R&D staff. We consistently ensure you will be able to sell the highest-quality and most cutting-edge products.

What Makes Us Different

The incredible UltraWater filtration advantage.

UltraWater is the only ionizer filter that has been rigorously tested in an independent, EPA-certified laboratory to show a 99.9% removal of virtually all contaminants - even the toughest - 172 contaminants in all. Don't sell “dirty” ionized water. Sell the USA made UltraWater advantage.

Most lucrative profit.

Industry-best Profit: We offer a tiered wholesale pricing structure based on your sales volume. The more you sell, the more you earn. Affiliate Overrides: We pay commissions to you on the sales of AlkaViva Dealers that you have referred.

Close more deals with two great payments plans.

Our Preferred Financing Plan offers a variety of low interest plans including $0 money down and payments as low as $30 / per month on our top of the line Vesta H2. For credit challenged customers, we also offer an in-house payment plan. No application, no FICO requirement and no credit check.

We don't compete against you.

Take a minute and look at our competitors. Some use shill review sites, bait and switch and other nefarious tactics. They are your biggest competitor; they run in-house specials and lead generation programs to generate sales for themselves. Worse, they discount aggressively against you. Call them and find out. In contrast, we offer seasonal sale pricing, a discounting program to help close deals – at your discretion. We will never undercut you.

The most technically evolved, web-based marketing platform.

Not only will you get a fully functional e-commerce website with full merchant processing so you can take customers’ credit card sales, but you are not charged any credit card processing or transaction fees ... period! View and track you business details in your own Business Office. Get our monthly 'AlkaViva News' newsletter and access our blog that includes marketing content, a Resource Center complete with videos, sales tips and training, technology information, certifications and more.

Process sales two ways – whichever you prefer.

Buy at wholesale, sell retail and earn profit. You pay wholesale, resell at retail and make profit. You can privately discount as an incentive to close.

Sell through your website and earn commission. Your customer orders through your website and pays with their credit card. We pay you a Direct Commission (same as if you bought wholesale). NO processing fees.

How am I paid?

If you buy at wholesale you keep the profit you earn. If you sell through your AlkaViva website, you are paid commissions using our ProPay Direct Deposit system. Commissions are paid two weeks in arrears. You can see all your sales and transactions in your back office.

Great sales / technical training and customer support.

Initial Training: Learn the business with our six segment “Boot Camp” video series. Our Dealer Sales Manual covers everything from our products to closing, handling objections, sample scripts, follow-ups and more.

Ongoing Training: We deliver training using various technology platforms. We make personal coaching available upon request. You get your own personal sales mentor!

How-to training videos: We have over 40 “how to” videos covering everything from installation to trouble shooting issues. A huge time saver!

Call us. You’ll be greeted by a live person! You - and your customers - will love it.

You can choose to have us ship direct to your customers.

You can inventory or have us drop ship – your pricing doesn’t change. Retail ionizer orders include free shipping. All wholesale orders will be charged shipping. Sales tax only on Nevada sales.

No ongoing sales qualification to earn.

The only requirement to earn is an active membership. Details on the AlkaViva Dealer Program.