Whole House Water Softener

Whole House Salt-Free Water Softener

Effective. Salt & Potassium Free.

Eco-Friendly. no Chemicals or Electricity.

Lifetime Media, Warranty and Savings

Protect your Pipes, fixtures and Appliances

Industrial Strength No-Dent Tank

Free Shipping


whole home softener

Whole House Salt-Free Water Softener

Effective. Salt & Potassium Free.

Eco-Friendly. no Chemicals or Electricity.

Lifetime Media, Warranty and Savings

Protect your Pipes, fixtures and Appliances

Industrial Strength No-Dent Tank

Free Shipping


USA-made, NSF certified components.

Protection you can trust. Ultimate peace of mind.

Whole House Water Filtration

Have healthier water.

Leaves healthy minerals in (salt softeners take them out). Have softer, healthier skin and hair plus cleaner dishes and clothes. Your pets will love it too!

Ecofriendly. Be Green!

Works naturally. Softens water without the use of salt or harsh chemicals. Creates zero waste water. No refills. No harmful discharge into environment. No electricity.

Easy to install.

No back flush means no waste water which means no drain installation saving you over $1,000. Water in / water out installation means easy install for a licensed plumber.

Lifetime media, warranty and savings.

No additives or salt replacement. No ongoing operating cost, save hundreds of dollars every year.

prolong life of fixtures

Save Your Appliances

Prolong the lifespan and effectiveness of all your household fixtures and appliances – especially the ones that use hot water.

home pipes cleaned

Clean your pipes

As a secondary benefit the Salt-free softener will actually reduce and remove old existing scale from your pipes, fixtures and appliances. Give your plumbing a deep clean!

Effective anti-scaling. Green. Less expensive. Smart.

water softener for whole house

What is the “softener” agent/process used, since salt/chemicals aren’t used?

The principle behind the way our EnviroSoft Technology works is relatively simple: it changes scaling calcium into non-scaling calcium. Water becomes hard or “scaling” when the calcium and carbonic acid are out of balance. EnviroSoft media helps return hard water chemistry from this state of imbalance towards proper balance – just like in soft water. As nature intended.

In other words, minerals are neutralized so they don’t stick to surfaces, not removed from your water using harmful chemicals.

The EnviroSoft media is made up of inert NSF-certified polymer beads that work in a fluidized bed - meaning the beads move around and bump into each other. The surface of each inert bead looks like a mini-template of organized holes, technically referred to as “nucleation sites”. These sites act as a catalyst to change scaling calcium into nano-sized crystal structures that are able to absorb minerals readily, yet stable enough to not attach themselves to the surfaces of your plumbing or appliances. The calcium crystals eventually release from the templates into the water stream making EnviroSoft self-regenerating – meaning you never have to replace the media.

Nothing is added to the water. Back in the water stream, the calcium crystals become templates (or “seed” crystals) themselves, and can perform the same function just like the media. This is especially important with hot-water appliances like your coffee maker or hot water heater because heating water increases its scale potential. However, the seed crystals are able to absorb the calcium that would otherwise form scale.

So while EnviroSoft does not technically soften the water, it also doesn’t come with the ongoing hassle, expense or eco-issues that salt-softeners create. At the same time, EnviroSoft conditions your water to protect your plumbing and appliances. EnviroSoft also leaves in the healthy minerals (softeners do NOT). EnviroSoft is eco-friendly, needs no maintenance, never has to be replaced and is hassle-free and cost effective. Water as nature intended.

Since the healthy minerals like calcium are left in the water, will that allow any mineral buildup/scale in the homeowners pipes, sinks and tubs?

No, that will not. The process as described above, does in fact leave the natural minerals but also physically alters so that they cannot form scale. In fact the system helps remove existing scale throughout your water system.

Will the system work effectively on any level of hardness?

Our system is effective up to 450 ppm of hardness. If your hardness is higher than 450 ppm don’t fret! Call us and we can customize the amount of media to meet your unique needs.

Will the system sufficiently address the needs for ANY size home… Regardless of square footage amounts?

Our systems are designed for average-sized homes with 2.5 bathrooms or less but can be customized. If you have a larger home, well water, specific contaminant concerns, our WQA experts are happy to customize a personalized solution for you. Give us a call on (775) 324 2400.

How do I install the Water Softener?

The Water Softenershould be installed and maintained by a licensed, bonded contractor. Here are instructions meant to serve as a basic guide to installation. Note: individual installation needs may vary and should be determined by a licensed, bonded contractor.

Does the Water Softener system have to be backwashed?

No, our salt-free system does not backwash at all. Ever. Easier to install. Easier on the environment and your pocket book!

What are your Salt-Free system’s advantages over salt-based water softeners?

Many! First, is you spend ZERO time and ZERO money on ongoing maintenance. No monthly salt to add. No media replacements. Typical annual maintenance costs for a salt-based softener installed in a two to three bath household of four adults is $716 between monthly salt replacement and annual media replacement. Spread over 10 years that is well over $7,000. If you run RO to remove the salt at the tap, then that cost increases. Not to mention the hassle you incur. During the same period, you have no cost and no hassle with the UltraHome Salt-free System. That’s huge!

The UltraHome Salt-free System is more environmentally friendly. You use no power and you will not waste a drop of water by back flushing. You also cannot use an ionizer with a salt-based ion exchange softener without RO and/or special equipment and filters. You can use an ionizer with the UltraHome Salt-free System.

What details do I need to consider BEFORE I purchase the UltraHome Salt-free System?

Your water cannot be over 26 grains / 444 ppm of hardness. For installation you need to consider: a place that will not freeze; appropriate space (approximately one square foot of floor space and 5 feet of height) that is near access to the main water inlet into your home. We recommend you use a licensed plumber.

Can I use any type/brand of Reverse Osmosis (RO) system with the UltraHome Salt-free System, such as our AlkaViva RO system?

Yes! No problem using any RO. However, unlike salt-based systems which add salt which then has to be removed by RO, customers do not have to use an RO with our UltraHome Salt-free System, because we do not add salt. We recommend you purchase one of our other great products such as an H2 ionizer or the Premium Whole House System to remove other contaminants.

Will the UltraHome Salt-free System protect the water dispenser / ice maker in my refrigerator?

Yes, it will prevent them from forming hard water scale! There are no negative effects of using our Salt Free system with any existing appliance in your home. Again if you drink water from your refrigerator we recommend you purchase one of our other great products such as an H2 ionizer or the Premium Whole House System to remove other contaminants.

What is the warranty on the UltraHome Salt-free System?

You get lifetime media, lifetime warranty and a lifetime of savings! A link to our warranty is here.

If I use the UltraHome Salt-free System in my home, does that help protect my ionizer?


Do I need to remineralize my water before my ionizer if I use the UltraHome Salt-free System?

No, the system does not remove the healthy minerals so we don’t need to put them back in the water. That is one of the major benefits!

Does the system require electricity to operate?

This system does not use power so it’s easier to install, maintain and more eco-friendly.

Does my water need testing prior to installation for any reason?

You need to know your hardness level. We can send you a free hardness test. Request yours here. If you are on a private water supply like a well or catchment system you should have the water analyzed first. If you own your home, you should have a well report. We offer a few testing options including one for hardness. We can help you organize testing and our WQA Experts will analyze your results. We can design / build a custom system to meet any unique need or concern.

How do I find out the maximum PSI in my home, so I can make sure the system will work?

The system is engineered to work in water pressure between 20pst to 120psi. It will work in virtually any home’s water pressure.


Weight 70 lbs
Country of Manufacture USA
Vertical Height 58"
Shipping Freight - Ships Within 2 Days of Order Placement
Minimum Pressure 20 psi
Maximum Pressure 125 psi (operating pressure not to exceed 80 psi)
Maximum Humidity n/a
Power Requirements No Power Needed
Range of Hardness Up to 26 gpg or 444 ppm