Whole House Filtration

Whole House Filtration
Basic System

Good Entry-level Whole Home Protection

Life: 700,000 Gallons / 7 Years*

Easy Install for Plumbing Professionals

Easy Maintenance

Great Value

   *depending on water quality and usage


Whole-House Ultra Filtration System

Ultimate Whole House Filtration

Worry Free - No Maintenance Hassles!

Longest Lasting. Years of Protection.

Easy Install for Plumbing Professionals

Exceptional Value


The UltraHome Basic System is great way to get good whole house filtration at an affordable price. It effectively targets chlorine and chloramines, industrial chemicals, VOCs and pesticides and herbicides.

This exclusive AlkaViva system starts with top of the line USA-made, NSF certified components from the leading whole home manufacturer - Fleck Systems. Then we customize the filtration to give you the ultimate protection. Improve the safety and quality of the water you use in all aspects of your daily life. Don’t compromise!

Protect your Family and Home.

Have the peace of mind knowing you and your family are safe using filtered water for laundry, bathing, cleaning, and more! Improve the water you use in every aspect of your daily life. Safe. Clean. Easy. Affordable.

Long Life

In an average size home with 2.5 bathrooms (in regular use) the system will last 700,000 gallons or 7 years, depending on your water usage and source water quality, depending on your daily water usage and water quality. We can also, if needed, custom scale the system for larger homes or homes with higher water use.

Easy Install

Estimated installation is about $400 (not included in purchase price). This may be more or less depending on your unique installation requirements. In most homes (1980’s and newer) there is a service loop designed for this type of install that can be easily accessed for installation. Always use a licensed plumber for installation.

Easy Annual Maintenance

Our system is designed to provide great protection with easy annual maintenance - unlike inferior systems. Only requires a 10 minute flush and sediment filter change annually.

Note: Freight charges will vary by location and are not included. Customer Service will contact you for freight payment prior to shipping.

UltraHome Basic
Water Ionizers UltraWater Filtration


Weight 180-200 lbs
Country of Manufacture USA
Vertical Height 58"
Shipping Freight - Ships Within 2 Days of Order Placement
Minimum Pressure 20 psi
Maximum Pressure 125 psi (operating pressure not to exceed 80 psi)
Maximum Humidity n/a
Power Requirements n/a
Range of Hardness n/a

What contaminates does it remove?

The Basic System is just that: a great whole house system that will remove the most common contaminants.

Especially effective at disinfectants like chlorine and other chemical based contaminants, it provides a BASIC level of protection.

What are the main differences between the Premium System and the Basic System?

Simple. The Premium System will offer you better performance over a wider range of contaminants for a longer period of time. The easiest advantage for most people to understand is heavy metals. That list includes scary things like arsenic, lead, chromium and aluminum and others you do NOT want in your water – whether you are drinking it, washing your produce or bathing in it. The Basic will remove a nominal amount of heavy metals. The Premium does an excellent job on metals. The Premium also protects you better against industrial chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Do I need to change my filters and if so, how?

Like all filters, performance over time eventually decreases. Changing filter media is infrequent – 700,000 gallons or 7 years depending on your usage and water quality. When you purchase the replacement media, we ship everything you need to do the replacement including easy to follow to instructions.

What type of maintenance is required?

Our system is designed to provide great protection with easy annual maintenance - unlike inferior systems. Only requires a 10 minute flush and sediment filter change annually.

How often do I have to flush on the Basic System?

The Basic System should be purged once a year and comes with the purge kit and instructions on how to do this. Essentially you turn off your water, unscrew the attachment fittings. Screw the purge kit adapter to the valve and hook up a standard garden hose and run it for 10 minutes. Simple.

What is the warranty on the UltraHome Basic System?

Please see here

Does the system require electricity to operate?

The Salt Free and Basic Systems do not use power. The Premium system uses power and is shown as a 120v power requirement.

Does my water need testing prior to installation for any reason?

If you are on a private water supply like a well or catchment system you should have the water analyzed first. If you own your home, you should have a well report. We offer a few testing options and can even work with you to get it done. Once you have your report, we will want to analyze it. If you are on treated water, it is regulated to meet certain water quality standards, and our whole home filtration systems are designed to work within these standards. We can design / build a custom system to meet any unique need or concern.

How do I find out the maximum PSI in my home, so I can make sure the system will work?

The system is engineered to work in water pressure between 20pst to 120psi. It will work in virtually any home’s water pressure.

Since the UltraHome whole house systems do not remove minerals, do we need to add anything to help my ionizer to perform?

No! You do not need any additional minerals*. Our UltraHome whole house systems are designed to work with all of our ionizers.
* unless you have super soft source water with low minerals

Reduces Basic
Heavy Metals
Chemical Contaminants