Ultra pHresh Shower Filter (Includes head + filter)

Ultra pHresh Shower Filter (Includes head + filter)

You’ve never experienced a shower this good!

  • Patented technology
  • Generates 400,000+ negative ions
  • Vitamin C neutralizes chlorine
  • Helps condition your hair and skin

A noticeably different shower experience. You will love the Ultra pHresh vitamin C shower filter, or your money back!

  • dechlorinating shower filter

    Vitamin C Filtration

    Good for about 5,500 liters.

  • Patented ionizing spray plate

    This unique technology creates measurable negative ions – up to 400,000 per square centimeter.

  • You can clean it to Cleanable for a full stream - everytime

    There is nothing worse than a clogging shower head! When you replace the filter, simply scrub the removable spray plate to get a full, satisfying stream.

  • Antimicrobial protection

    Ceramic antimicrobial balls keep your shower filter fresh and clean between uses.

  • Easy replacement

    Simply twist the shower head with its built in filter, and then unthread the filter, replace it and you are good to go!

  • Beautiful, smart design

    No extra cartridge. No extension required. Will look great in your shower.


Shower Chlorine Free. Naturally.

de-chlorinating shower head and filter

Chlorine and chloramine dry and irritate your skin when exposed repeatedly.
The filter is conveniently located in the shower head and neutralizes these harmful and irritating contaminants.

Vitamin C means Better Hair and Skin.

Vitamin C is known to have positive effects on the skin and hair. Shower in a stream of soothing, healing Vitamin C infused water.

Rejuvenate with Negative Ions

It is well known that negative ions soothe and relax you. Now you can shower in a cascade of them every day. Your own personal waterfall!

Firm and Satisfying Shower with Water Saving Design

You will luxuriate in a strong and satisfying stream that is guaranteed to give you the most invigorating shower you have ever experienced.
And yet, the patented design, means you will save water compared to shower heads with a similar oversize design.

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Weight 2.0000
Country of Manufacture United States
Retail Price 99.95