Jupiter Water Ionizer Filter Options
Alkaviva filters

Good, Better and Best: Biostone Water Filters Explained


    Delphi Basic Biostone filter

    Economy Filter for Jupiter/Emco*

    $49.95    buy now
  • GOOD

    Delphi Basic Biostone filter

    Biostone Basic for Jupiter/Emco*

    $89.95    buy now

    Delphi Biostone Plus filter

    Biostone Plus for Jupiter/Emco*

    $99.95    buy now
  • BEST

    Delphi UltraWater filter filter

    UltraWater for Jupiter/Emco*

    $109.95    buy now
  • Vesta filter

    .01M UF Filter*

    Extra Micro-organism protection.
    Limited contaminant protection.

    $109.95    buy now

  • .1M AlkaBlue Filters          buy now
    .01M AlkaBlue Filters         buy now
    Regency II Ionizer Filters   buy now
    Technos Ionizer Filters       buy now
  • * Not for Vesta
    * Above filters will fit the following:
    Melody (JP104), Venus (JP107),
    Aquarius (JP108), Orion (JP109),
    Alphion, MicroLite, Neptune
    and Mavello models

    If unsure about your model
    please contact Customer Support
    on +1(775) 324 2400