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Extreme Hardness

AlkaViva does not recommend using a water ionizer without pretreatment of water that has one or more of the following measurements:

AlkaViva includes a free hard water testing strip with every ionizer sold so you can determine if / what type of hard water ionizer pre-treatment you may need.

Note: some reports will show “ppm” some will show “mg/l” – they are the same. Knowingly operating your water ionizer above these levels may void your warranty and/or decrease your water ionizer’s performance.
In no event shall AlkaViva or its dealers be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or special consequential damages to property whatsoever, arising from use of its products with improperly treated or untreated hard water.

Hard Water Pre- Treatment Options are:


AlkaViva does not recommend using a water ionizer downstream (or after) using a sodium or potassium based ion-exchange system to treat hard water. If you have a sodium or potassium ion-exchange softener, you will need to do one of the following:

Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Distillers

Water ionizers will not work downstream (or after) treating hard water with a RO or distiller. Many homes with an ion-exchange softening system will have an RO system. These systems remove virtually all the mineral content and leave the water with no conductivity. If you have an RO or distiller, you will need to do one of the following:

Extreme Softness

‘Soft’ water is very low in mineral and dissolved solid content which gives water its conductivity. Such water would have the following measurements:

In areas with extremely soft water (or if using a rainwater catchment system), it may not be possible to achieve optimal performance of your AlkaViva system. In this situation, a Remineralization Cartridge is recommended. AlkaViva has incorporated a proprietary blend of organic and inorganic minerals into its Remineralization Cartridge.

Well Water


Many municipal water systems have started using chloramines, rather than chlorine, in the water treatment process. The UltraWater Filtration System, featuring a unique combination of media specifically designed for ultimate chlorine and chloramines filtration, is the best counter top filtration system on the market.

Important Notes