USA-made, AlkaViva Filters - Differences Explained

All of the filters for our AlkaViva (previously IonWays) water ionizers are made in the USA using only top quality, extensively tested materials. There are lower quality knockoff filters on the market that are made in Asia and do not remove contaminants like our genuine AlkaViva UltraWater™ filters do. Using one of these will void your valuable warranty.

All AlkaViva filters offer you our high quality and effective solid BioStone Carbon Block Technology. Other brand ionizer filters – and the knockoffs – typically contain little more than GAC carbon (carbon in a loose granular form). GAC is effective for removing chlorine but not efficient at removing chloramines or much else. GAC also channels - where gaps are created through the loose carbon reducing the filtering effect. When you buy AlkaViva filters you get superior performance and uncompromising safety. You are investing wisely in your health and the health of your family. Learn the different types of BioStone filters we offer and choose the right one for you today.


The BioStone Plus starts with our BioStone Carbon Block Technology then adds "Plus Technology" by impregnating it with specialty media to increase contaminant reduction. It removes more chloramine, heavy metals and other tougher contaminants than other brand ionizer filters do. Containing Scale Guard protection, the BioStone Plus is a superior filter to any GAC filter regardless of micron rating.


The UltraWater starts with our BioStone Carbon Block Technology, adds the "Plus Technology", and then turbo charges it all even further with UltraWater Wrap Technology - ensuring unmatched reduction. 99.9% of virtually all contaminants are removed, including chloramine, pharma, heavy metals and resilient contaminants like chromium VI and arsenic. Add Scale Guard protection and it out performs any other filter we know of. Clearly the best choice you can make in a filter. Period.

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