Jupiter Athena Classic Water Ionizer

Athena Classic Water Ionizer

Unmatched UltraWater™ Filtration

DARC Cleaning

Mesh Electrode Technology

Improved DARC Cleaning

Great performance. Reliable. The Athena...it's a classic!


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Athena Classic Water Ionizer


Unmatched UltraWater™ Filtration

DARC Cleaning

Mesh Electrode Technology

Improved DARC Cleaning

Great performance. Reliable. The Athena...it's a classic!

The Safety of UltraWater™ Filtration

UltraWater™ is the only water ionizer filter that is USA-made and has certified independent test results for 172 contaminants, reducing virtually all of them up to 99.9%. The healthiest water starts with clean.

Ease of Use

You can get Alkaline, Acidic or Filtered water right at your fingertips from this drinking water filter system. The display on the Athena Classic is simple to navigate and the filter indicator makes it easy to know when it's time to change your filters.

Healthiest Water

The Athena drinking water filter system offers you top performance, beating all other water ionizers in independent US EPA testing. The Athena also creates an ideal pH and negative ORP (ionization) using typical source water.


The patented DARC Cleaning System eliminates the scale buildup that deteriorates performance in other ionizer brands.


One Touch Convenience – one Touch Technology allows you to easily and precisely control your ionizer's functions … with one touch.

Filter Replacement Alert – an LCD Filter Counter displays the filter life as you use it. Voice and icon reminders in the drinking water filter system alert you when it is time to change your filters.

Dual Filtration – on-board including our unrivaled UltraWater™. No need for extra external cartridge like some other companies offer as “custom” filters. This means the cleanest water for less cost and less hassle.

Precise Flow Control System – This drinking water filter system provides better performance. You can monitor the flow rate on the LCD display and use the flow control knob to easily choose or set the flow rate you like.

Hot Water Protection – protect your ionizer against the damage that can be caused by inadvertent hot water.

Cell Safe Technology – the BPA-free water cell is made using NSF certified material and pressure rated to 90 psi.

Installation Options – at your sink (attached with a diverter), at your sink (plumbed directly to the cold-water line), or under your sink with an Undersink Kit.

This Ain't Just Water...

Drinking Clean is Drinking Healthy

We drink alkaline ionized water from drinking water filter systems for its healthy properties. How healthy is it if you are drinking contaminants your filter didn’t remove? When you drink UltraWater™ you can be certain you are drinking the cleanest and healthiest water.

Increases Energy & Reduces Fatigue

Research shows H2 helps increase ATP – the source of cellular energy, while decreasing lactic acid. Active lifestyle that demands more energy? Fitness enthusiast? Elite athlete? UltraWater™ will help. Go longer. Go stronger.

Reduce Your Inflammation

Certain free radicals are highly toxic to your cells, causing pain and inflammation. Studies show H2 neutralizes these damaging radicals. Drinking H2 rich UltraWater™ helps ease chronic and acute aches and pain.

hydrogen water and energy


Ultimate Antioxidant Power

Free radical damage is one of the primary causes of aging. Antioxidants prevent or slow that damage. The H2 in UltraWater™ targets the most damaging oxygen radicals, making it the “ultimate” antioxidant.

Help Balance your pH

UltraWater is alkaline and ionized making it rich in naturally occurring beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium that help you alkalize and maintain a healthy pH balance.

Improve your Hydration two ways:

  1. Cellular Hydration - when H2 neutralizes free-radicals, it creates water (H2O) – helping hydrate you better.

  2. Easier to drink - great tasting, silky-smooth, alkaline water is easy to drink. When you drink more, you enjoy better hydration and health.

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Certified Testing of AlkaViva Water Ionizer Filters

You have the Right to Know what is in Your Water!

AlkaViva uses an Independent, EPA (Government-Certified) Laboratory for all its Filter Testing.

AlkaViva testing is:

  • Certified & credible: All tests performed in Independent, EPA / NELAP Certified Labs
  • Thorough: we omit nothing and we show results for everything tested.
  • Real world: we tested contaminant levels in parts per million and that were as close to the EPA Maximum Contaminant Level as we could get.
  • Nothing hidden or left out: we reported everything – even the toughest to remove contaminants such as arsenic, chromium VI etc.
  • Comprehensive: We tested 21 heavy metals, 65 pharmaceuticals, 3 OTC drugs, 7 Hormones, 15 pesticides and herbicides, preservatives and wastewater indicators, 45 VOCs, and 5 other anions & disinfectants - a total of 172 contaminants!
Athena Water Ionizer from Jupiter or Emco Tech

AlkaViva Water Ionizers
with UltraWater™ Inside

Test Results


Weight 18 lbs.
Country of Manufacture South Korea
Dimensions 14” x 13” x 6” (WxHxD)
Electrodes 5 Platinum / Titanium Mesh Diodes
Electrolysis Method Continuous
Cleaning DARC Cleaning System - Dual Automatic Reverse Cleaning
Display Negative LCD
Display Control Full Touch Screen (Letter and Image)
Filter Replacement Cartridge Type (2 Filters)
On/Off Valve Method Real-time Flow Control System
Setting Alkaline Water (4 Levels), Purified Water, Acidic Water (4 Levels)
Power Supply Transformer
Maximum Power 150W
Protection Devices 1 built-in temperature sensor
Rate Voltage 120V / 60Hz. Also available in 220V
Tap Water Temperature Available 40 ~ 86F
Voice Recognition Yes
Water Pressure Range 15~90 psi
Generating Capacity Standard (1.5 l/min. at 28 psi), Max (3.5 l/min. at 90 psi)

Installing your Athena Classic

Replacing Your Filters