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  • ionpia H2 Ultra – with UltraWater Filtration

    ionpia H2 Ultra – with UltraWater Filtration


    The ionpia H2 Ultra Generator – a new and novel way to get your H2.

    • pH neutral water / excellent levels of dissolved H2
    • Available with USA made UltraWater filtration
    • Compact and beautifully designed
    • Easy to use

    This alkaline hydrogen water generator is a great option for anyone who wants super clean, H2 rich pH neutral water.


  • Vesta H2 Water Ionizer

    Vesta H2 Water Ionizer


    The Vesta H2 AlkaViva water ionizer outperforms all other ionizers – regardless of how many plates or how much power.

    • Unmatched UltraWater filtration
    • SmartElectrodes (9-plates)
    • H2 Infusion Technology
    • Improved DARC II cleaning
    • Great H2 at any pH level

    The Vesta H2. The smart choice.


  • UltraHome (Premium)

    UltraHome (Premium)


    UltraHome (Premium)


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